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Today's reading: Esther 2:1-18

As we move into Esther 2, we finally get to meet our leading lady--Hadassah, that is Esther. Following the advice of his attendants, King Ahasuerus is now in search of a new queen from among all the beautiful, young virgins of the land. Young Esther fits the bill ("beautiful figure and lovely to look at" vs. 7), and so she is taken into the king's harem as part of the selection process. Once she arrives at the king's palace, things go well for Esther. Through her actions, attitude, and words, Esther wins favor with her primary overseer and those she encounters.

It's hard to imagine being thrust into such a situation, and I cringe a bit as I think about the reality of what Esther was going through. Although it sounds a bit fairytale-like on the surface, this incredibly different world she was now a part of had to have been scary, lonely, and a difficult adjustment for her. But Esther, who was likely in her early teens, handled herself extraordinarily well. What an example she gives us of godly living in the middle of a circumstance she couldn't change. Here are a few of the things I noticed/learned about Esther:

  • She didn't think too highly of herself.
  • She was respectful to others and treated people well.
  • She sought out and then took counsel from her overseer.
  • She was a good listener, observer, and learner.
  • She was obedient to Mordecai even after leaving his household.

What did you take note of about Esther? What stood out to you most from Esther's example about coping with and responding to unexpected and difficult circumstances? Tami

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Your word "cringe" stood out to me and I agree!

I have read other studies on this Book and who have a different take on this book and I invite anyone including you Tami to correct me and I pray that I am teachable and a good listener.

I do not see in this Book of Esther why Esther became a candidate for the queen's replacement. And if I had a daughter, I would hope that I would not condone or encourage her to break her godly character to follow the culture of the day either. With saying that I do not know if Esther as a Jewish young lady was a practicing the Jewish law.

God never condoned divorce or immoral conduct, BUT God does keep His promise and even spite of my disobedience, God is still faithful to me!

Daniel was in a heathen culture,but we read that " he purposed in his heart that he would not DEFILE his body with the King's meat!!" Daniel was a man of prayer too.

I see unfolding in this Book how God protect His people in spite of their rebellion and disobeying Him.

God remains faithful even when His children are not!

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