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Today's reading: Colossians 2:1-5

Paul is genuinely concerned (in a good way) for the Christ-followers in Colossae. It's evident from his writing that his heart is moved as he thinks about them and their spiritual growth and journey. Paul's desire is for these believers to be encouraged and to bond together in love. He uses the phrase "being knit together in love" as he describes for this new church how they should live (vs. 2). That same phrase applies to us today as well.

I like this phrase a lot because of the way it uses something we're familiar with—knitting or something that is knitted—as an analogy for what our relationships with other believers should look like. When I was much younger (grade school age), a favorite aunt taught me how to knit. Although it's been years since I've knitted, there are a few things I remember vividly about knitting that can be applied to our relationships. Using one long piece of yarn (the church or body of believers), I was able to create something beautiful, complex, and quite strong—all by intentionally intertwining that single strand back and forth.

All this to say, at a time when our country and world are being pulled apart over so many issues, we need to even more intentional about making sure we are striving to lovingly encourage and support fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

Would you describe yourself as a "knitter"? How are you or what steps will you take to make sure you are "knitting in love" to the body of Christ? Tami

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Good morning, Tami!!

Great words of encouragement!

Knitting together in love for Christ is so fitting in our coming-apart world.
Shame on me for fretting,fearing instead of seeing how God can use me and other believers to love and desire unity/knit/closely cemented in love that Christ might have the Supremacy in my/ our lives.

I would say at times I have been a knitter,but I need to be a better knitter which I must ask the Lord to show me in prayer and read His Word to guide me to see the instruction to best do it for His glory and to obey Him.

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