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Today's reading: Psalm 100:1-2

At the beginning of Psalm 100, we're issued the call to "serve the LORD with gladness" with examples of making a joyful noise and singing (vs. 1). If you take a look at the word gladness in a thesaurus, you'll see descriptions like joy, delight, contentment, and cheerfulness. So while this psalm specifically mentions joyful noise and singing, serving with gladness can be demonstrated in other ways as well. A few things that come to my mind are having a grateful heart, demonstrating a loving attitude, helping others, and speaking encouraging words. But I'm certain there are many more ways to serve well with gladness.

On a typical day, what does serving the Lord with gladness look like for you? In other words, how would you describe the way you serve? What's one thing you can and will do this week to step up your gladness serving? Tami

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I know on a typical day,it is not filled with serving the Lord let alone an attitude of gladness.
I am still struggling with joy in the midst of sorrow and to help others who are grieving too.
I would say to step up my gladness serving would first start first with serving the Lord in full surrender of obedience and focus my day on Jesus and on what He wants me to do and I will be full of joy.

True gladness is serving the Lord with a heart to please Him most!

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