Unusual Provision

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Today's reading: Joshua 2:1-24

Joshua sends two spies to scout out the land across the Jordan. The men are detected as they enter the city of Jericho, but a prostitute named Rahab helps them avoid capture. She tells the spies, "I know that the LORD has given you this land" (vs. 9). She then hides them in her roof in exchange for a guarantee of safety for her and her family when the Israelites attack the city.

The details of this account seem unlikely and unusual to us, but not to God. Joshua 2 gives us a wonderful picture of how God works in and through situations. What stands out to me from this account is how He uses many people, things, and circumstances that are out of the ordinary realm to accomplish His purposes and also provide for and encourage us in the process.

Think back over the past year or so. What's one example of God watching over and providing for you in a way you didn't expect? Who has God unexpectedly used to encourage you in a stressful or difficult situation? Are you in the habit of looking for and recognizing God's provision and then thanking Him for it? Tami

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Tami,God has provided and watched over me in many unusual ways and I am ashamed that I have failed to recognized them and thanked Him for them every time! For an example a neighbor whom I have just met after my move had offered to take me shopping before the winter months started so we shopped for items we need and bought extra in case the weather would have been too haphazardness to drive. So I have ample supplies during this stay-at -home time. God has used new friends at new church since I had to move over a year ago.

I did to be in the habit to look for and recognizing God's provision and to thank Him for them too.

A good encouraging lessng, Tami Thank you

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