The Effect of Choices

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Today's reading: Joshua 5:1-12

The message that the consequences that follow disobedience and sin are far-reaching came across clearly from Joshua 5:1-12.

The original group of Israelites, who were captives in Egypt and freed by God through Moses, were disobedient and disrespectful of God. The result (the consequence) was that they wandered in the Sinai Desert for forty years and lost out on experiencing the joy of entering the Promised Land. (Side note: The Sinai Desert is a pretty miserable place. I've been there and actually got to "wander" through it for an afternoon, which was all the time I wanted to spend there. Forty years living in these conditions had to have been difficult.)

But the sinful attitudes and actions of this original group didn't just impact them—it also effected the next generation. Their children and grandchildren had to experience the pain of adult circumcision because of actions they weren't even a part of. What a good reminder of the effect every choice we make (and especially those that have to do with following God's instruction, direction, and leading) has not only on us but also on those around us and even future generations.

How often do you think about the effect a particular choice you make is going to have on someone else now or down the road? Is it your practice to talk with God about understanding and following His plan for your life and making the best choices? Tami

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Tami, Oh my that is another good reason to always make choices that I have talked to Lord about first and to always obey Him. I may pay for my disobedience but I could causes harm to others.That was a new concept to me today,thanks!

I do try to make it a practice to understand and follow God's plan knowing He knows best although it has been difficult when to ask to leave family to be obedient to what I know is God's plan for my life. May I ever mindful to follow and obey God's best choice so others do not have to face hardship too.

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