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Today's reading: 1 Timothy 6:3-10

Paul talks about contentment and money in 1 Timothy:6-10, reminding and urging us to be fulfilled with what God has given us rather than chasing after money and possessions.

The beauty of being satisfied and resting in God came across loud and clear as I took in the words of verses 6-7.

"But godliness with contentment is great gain, for we brought nothing into the world, and we cannot take anything out of the world."

In what circumstances are you the most content? How would you describe Godly contentment (being satisfied with what God has given you) to someone who doesn't know Christ? Tami

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I would like to be able to explain why I am content to have what food and clothes that I have, but it is hard to explain at least for me to those who do not know Christ.They think that I am odd,unusually or strange.
Tami, how best would you suggest to try and tell an unbeliever how I feel content with what God has abundantly provided for me? I will try not keep asking for help on these questions.

Most of my life I have been content with what I have, although I wish that I had more monies to give to missions and other needy organization.How can I complain when so many people around the world do not have enough food or clothes?


This is something I do regularly, just as part of normal conversations. I use examples from my life--big and little experiences.

Here's an example of a big one. Sometimes I talk about how there were quite a few years when my main purpose in life was to acquire "more" (money, possessions, etc.) and how God allowed some hard circumstances to draw me back to Him. When I no longer had the great paying job (which I believed was so important), God provided. We never went without, and we were able to pay all our bills.

That scenario has continued to play out over the years--even right now. I just started a new home-based business last year and am no longer receiving a steady full-time salary. I'm not able to take a salary from my business yet, but God is growing my business and providing (as He always has). Yes, we're having to cut back on some things and are being extra careful with spending, but I tell people all the time that my business is God's, and I mean it. So as I move forward in these uncertain waters, all I can tell you is that I know God has this (me, my husband, and this business) and that it feels right and good.

Hope that helps. I truly believe that if we just talk about our life experiences with others as part of our normal conversations, how God has provided will come across clearly.


Tami,Thanks for your helpful answer to my question!
I agree with you,Tami.
I have done this too.
When I was telling a young teen about the assurance that I will see my husband in Heaven again.That same day she shared my words to my sister saying she was so amazed that I had the kind of hope and confidence.
This same teen accepted the Lord with a year or so by another family member whom she had lived with as an exchanged student.

Tami, you are such a blessing and using your writing skills to honor the Lord.
May God grow your business in times likes these.

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