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Today's reading: Psalm 89:5-18

Ethan the Ezrahite's petition to God in a difficult time is a good example that we can draw on as we encounter and go through difficult times. I especially liked how as part of recognizing who God is and praising Him, Ethan spends quite a bit of time describing God and His greatness--looking to Him as the Creator of all things and a God who is powerful, mighty, faithful, and just.

What are one or two things you learned or noticed about God from the psalmist's descriptive words in verses 5-18? What stood out to you the most about God from this psalm and why? Tami

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Thank you so much. I am really getting what my spirit is wanting. Like what our physical bodies desire food to grow. My spirit is also.growing through the spiritual food am getting. Glory be God through His Son our Lord Jesus Christ.

Tami, it is good to read the Scripture verses several times.
I did this again and somehow I know God created everything,but
when I came to verse 11 the heavens and the earth are His,He not
only is the Creator of the world,He is the proper Owner of the World.
He is the same God Who is powerful, mighty, strong and faithful.

There is no reason for me to doubt God, after reading vs.11!!

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