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Today's reading: 1 Timothy 5:1–6:2

Throughout 1 Timothy 5 and in the beginning verses of 1 Timothy 6, Paul addresses some specific situations. He then provides instruction for those and other matters pertaining to conduct inside the church and outside as a worker for God. But as I read through chapter 5 and then into chapter 6 today, the underlying, more general message that we should be conducting ourselves well is what stood out.

When we're intentional about living rightly and well, it's pleasing to God. Additionally, it provides a good example for fellow believers, and it allows us to set an attractive picture of what wholeheartedly following after God means and looks like to those who don't yet have a relationship with Christ.

How often do you give thought to the example you are setting as a Christ follower? Think back over your actions in the past week or so. What's one example where you displayed good and godly conduct at work, at home, or at church? Tami

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Tami, I have been mindful that I am an example of a Christ follower for a very long time and I have been accused of not lighten-up a bit or try to find a fault in me that I have always try to correct by apologizing to them when they have either misunderstood me of if I was careless in what I had put on face book
Recently at church I bought some candy for a member's granddaughter and she told me the wrong price for them,I made it right when another member mentioned how much he had paid.

I want to constantly be intentional because I know people are watching me and we who are Christ's followers.

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