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Today's reading: Psalm 90:1-17

Yesterday we looked at Psalm 90 for its example of how to approach God in prayer. But this psalm is also filled with information about God and our relationship with Him. So today let's read through Moses's words in this prayerful song again, this time intentionally looking for information we can learn about God and our relationship with Him. Ask God to show you something new, and then take your time reading and considering each verse.

What are some of the things you learned about God from Moses's prayer? What one detail, specific phrase, or verse drew your attention most, and why? Tami

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I didn't read yesterday's message and when I read today's message, I immediately focused on your question. I read the whole Psalm, but I skipped over the part about God's power. I think I take for granted God's power. His
abilities are almost too much to grasp, so it's easier for me to skim over that part and then when I read your comments, it caused me to pause. I had gone directly to what I wanted God to do for me, forgetting to praise God first for who he is. I'm glad you pointed out that Moses in his godly ways, shows an example of a powerful prayer.

Thank you for a godly perspective!

God is our refuge,eternal, Protector, Holy, wrath, anger, merciful,forgiving,Helper and Judge.

A dwelling place protects from the climatic weather and intruders.

I see God Who is Holy has provided for us sinners to repent of our sins
and then we do not have to suffer the wrath that is towards sinners, although we as God's children are subject to discipline if we intentional disobey Him.

Today we hear the term homeless.
As believers we are never homeless spiritually and can look hopefully and trust God's promise that we will spend eternity in Heaven with Him.

Life on earth is short when compared to eternity in Heaven.
vs. 10 may I use my days wisely and seek wisdom and shelter in the Lord.

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