Power in Remembering

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Today's reading: Psalm 77:1-20

Sometimes our hurt is so intense and our discouragement feels so heavy that it's hard for us to even speak. And when we find ourselves in this painful emotional state, the temptation is to doubt God and perhaps even to turn away and try to solve our problems in our own strength. That's the starting scenario in Psalm 77. But the psalmist resists the temptation to turn from God and instead chooses to think back about all the previous times and ways God has been faithful. By the time we reach the closing verses, the psalmist's outlook has changed from one of seemingly utter despair to one of hope and continued trust in and dependence on a good and sovereign God.

How has remembering God's past faithfulness helped you through a difficult time? Do you (or will you) talk about how God has guided, protected, and provided for you as a way to help and encourage others who are struggling? Tami

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It gives me hope that God will be with me through this present difficulty.
Best way to remember God's goodness and present is by reading His Word,meditating/remembering what He has and is doing for us and to keep a journal to help us to remember when we need the Lord He was there!

I have and will continue to share with others to help and encourage them when they are focused on their circumstances and not on the Lord.

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