Striking Back

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Today's reading: Genesis 34:1-31; Proverbs 20:22; Romans 12:17-19

When someone wrongs us, our human instinct tells us to get even. But God tells us in His Word to "repay no one evil for evil" (Romans 12:17) and that He will administer justice in His timing (Proverbs 20:22). In other words, wrong behavior toward us doesn't justify a similar vengeful response from us.

Jacob's sons (as well as Dinah and, of course, Jacob) were absolutely justified in being angry over the awful raping of Dinah. But after learning of the offense, the brothers allowed their anger to grow into rage, which then turned their thoughts and hearts to full blown hatred and revenge. The end result is a tragic chapter in the life story of Jacob's family.

The events recorded in Genesis 34 are quite revealing about the influence that unchecked anger and resentment can have on our thinking and actions. Jacob's sons are indignant about Shechem violating the law of Israel (God's law). Yet they then cheaply use that very law as a pretense to lie to Hamor and Shechem and murder hundreds of innocent people. By taking matters into their own hand, and in so doing blatantly violating God's law, they destroyed their witness for God and the reputation and standing of their family.

What's one lesson about anger and/or revenge that stood out to you from this account? How do you control the desire to get even with someone when they hurt you or your family? Is it your practice to turn angry situations over to God? Why is this important? Tami

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Tami,some of us are called easy-going and not as likely to be anger let alone seek revenge.

This story is a good example of what can and does happen when we do not control our anger. God is able to help us if we ask Him with a sincere heart to surrender the situation to God... " Vengeance is my saith the Lord".
I think,it is not worth it to desire to hurt someone and knowing it could even hurt others who are innocent family members as well. I try to make it a practice to turn my angry situation to the Lord because God can handle the situation better than me. In fact God resolves it best! At times I have shared it with other family members too.

It is so that people lose complete control of their anger on such silly reasons and it ends in tragedy to the point of serious injuries and sadly even death.

We see Jacob is silent to his sons about their plan and we also see his sons are deceiving the Canaanites to be circumcised for an alternative motive. Parents have a great responsibility to bring their children up in the fear of the Lord.

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