Playing Favorites

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Today's reading: Genesis 37:1-4

As wise and good a man as Jacob (Israel) had developed into, he wasn't perfect. Just like you and me, he had his shortcomings. We see one of those shortcomings as we turn to the storyline of Joseph in Genesis 37.

Israel had sons with several wives, and while he loved his sons, he didn't love them all to the same degree. Genesis 37:3 tells us that Israel loved Joseph, the son of his favored wife Rebekah, more than his other sons. And his favoritism was evident, such as when he made Joseph a special multi-colored robe. As you can imagine, Joseph's preferential treatment didn't sit well with his brothers. In fact, it caused them to hate him.

What do these few verses reveal about the dangers of playing favorites—as a parent, teacher, leader, or boss? How do you deal with and what helps you control feelings of anger and/or jealousy when you aren't treated the same as someone else? Tami

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Tami, it is not good to show favoritism.To prevent what happened in this story of Joseph and his brothers.It makes one wonder why the brother's attitude was not the same towards their father too.( The Scriptures do not say).

How do you deal with and what helps you control feelings of anger and/or jealousy when you aren't treated the same as someone else? Good question that I do not have a good answer. This is how life goes and we have to give our thoughts to the Lord for help.

Tami, what are your thoughts on this question, I would like to know and I am sure others would like to know although they for various reasons choose not to comment.

I am not a parent,but you have seen where a younger child who is more responsible and dependable to do the job correct and complete the job and that same younger child could be able to see what the older siblings are lacking in doing their job correctly or not.It could cause hard feelings between siblings when this happens and could appear as parent's showing favoritism unwillingly.
Could it be same here that Joseph was more responsible and dependable to do a good job shepherding and supervising the caring of his father's animals?

Your thoughts, Tami?

Another good lesson starting our week Thanks Tami

"How do you deal with feelings of jealousy?"

Wanda--this is a tough one, but I'm getting better at it as I age. One area where I've had to deal with feelings of jealousy is worship. I'm a singer and a worship leader, and as you can likely imagine, feelings can run a bit high when certain people are highlighted over others or given more opportunities to serve. This was my experience when we moved from Nebraska (where I was the worship leader at my church and serving in that capacity each week) to North Carolina, where I wasn't able to serve much at our new church, and even in our new location in Georgia. I had to give my feelings of anger and jealousy over to God and ask Him to take them away.

I also had to confess that my pride was driving these feelings. This wasn't a once a done thing. I had to repeatedly do this. Part of those prayers was also keeping my mouth shut about my discontent. I wasn't always successful, but not venting was also helpful in that it didn't fan the flame of my hurt feelings.

As for your question about Joseph, while Joseph may have been a bit more responsible, the sense I get from the storyline is that Jacob favored Joseph because of his mother. He was made the special colorful coat, and he apparently didn't have to work in the same manner as his brothers. The sense of favoritism is still evident years later when we see how the brothers describe Jacob being so grieved by Joseph's death. Jacob also favored Benjamin, Joseph's younger brother, which we see through Genesis 44:18-34 when Judah is describing how Jacob feels about Benjamin ("...his life is bound up in the boy's life" (vs. 30)).

Good questions, Wanda. I appreciate your processing and working through the daily blog scriptures with me!


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