Green-Eyed Monster

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Today's reading: Genesis 37:1-36; Proverbs 27:4

There's a reason jealousy is referred to as a green-eyed monster, and do we ever get a glimpse of that through the account of the early days between Joseph and his brothers. Family was certainly important to Jacob's sons, but when feelings of jealousy sparked and then grew, rational thinking went right out the window. And with hatred running rampant, the situation turned all too easily to violence against Joseph.

What's one lesson about jealousy you learned from Genesis 37? Why is allowing jealousy to take root so dangerous? What did this account reveal about the contagious nature of negativity and the powerful influence of groupthink? Tami

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Jealousy is not satisfied to stay there it heads down a dangerous slope that leads to hate and then to think the unthinkable instead of getting rid of jealousy in the first place that it festers the desire to get rid of the person instead of the jealous thoughts which could be from insecurities and comparing ourselves with others.

I am ashamed of myself feeling jealous when it was my insecurity was popping it ugly head, I was shocked to read that it can lead to hate and even murder as we see here with Joseph's brothers.

Groupthinking is dangerous because you are allowing another person to do the thinking for you. We should always ask God for discernment,wisdom or the strength to stand alone. I have experienced standing alone and to my surprise the other people broke off and took my lead and change their actions from doing was wrong to what they knew was right Sometimes people can learn from those who break from the groupthinking and do what is right . I thank the Lord that He helped to do what was right even if I had to go it alone! God is so good to help us to make the right choices.

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