Exercising Caution

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Today's reading: Genesis 44:1-17

Joseph went to some pretty extreme measures to test the waters with his brothers, so much so that I tend to shake my head whenever I read this account. But I have to keep in mind that when Joseph's brothers arrive in Egypt, the only thing Joseph knows about them is how they hated him and mistreated him years earlier in his teens.

Rather than immediately disclosing his true identity, Joseph is cautious and evaluates his brothers as he determines the best course of action to take—both in revealing his identity and in determining the nature of the relationship he will have with them in the future.

At this point in time, approximately 20 years have passed, and a lot can change in that amount of time. People grow older and encounter various life experiences that change them fundamentally. So although Joseph's tactics may seem odd, extreme, and even a bit cruel, we should take in the lesson that we too may need to exercise caution as we work toward reestablishing and restoring certain relationships. And even though it wasn't the case with Joseph, there may be times when the best and safest choice is to not reengage or reestablish a relationship with someone if they haven't changed negative behaviors, especially if the potential for further harm and hurt remain.

What are one or two benefits of stepping back and taking some extra time when you're considering or working on restoring a broken relationship? What was the most important lesson you learned from this chapter? Tami

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By giving extra time and stepping back allows for the emotions to be check and to gather more information or see the situation in a different light. Allowing time so you are not guilty of letting your feelings dictate the outcome which could be the wrong decision.

How Joseph every move was driven by love and patience waiting for the right timing to see if his brother's had a change of heart to repent which we see here with Judah who is more concern about his father's feeling and willing to be servant so his father would not have to face another hardship of losing his son again.

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