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Today's reading: Genesis 23:1-20

After giving birth to Isaac and then training, teaching and raising him to manhood, Sarah dies at the ripe old age of 127. Because Abraham is in a foreign country, he must secure land on which to bury Sarah. He approaches the Hittites to find a suitable piece of property and is met with an outpouring of friendship and love by those he has lived among for many years. Their interaction results immediately in Abraham securing the exact place he had selected for Sarah to be buried.

The interaction between Abraham and the Hittites is really quite beautiful. The Hittites respect and admire Abraham for how he has conducted himself in the years he's lived, worked and raised his family in their country. Abraham was truly a living testimony for God, and his upright living was noticed by the Hittites.

What does being a "living testimony for God" mean for you personally? Do you have a reputation for being upright—doing what's right, helping others, speaking kind words, responding fairly and wisely, etc.? What does this account reveal about the value of our reputation? Tami

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Living testimony for God means living a life that reflect the way God would have us live.

I have tried to always speak what I know is right and true,but I have given way to the flesh and express my feelings without first praying and asking the Lord for wisdom and understanding when I talk to others.
It is important to live a consistent life for the Lord because Satan will cause you to react wrongfully and instead of staying calm and being a good listener.I am still being under construction some wall ( of flesh) must come down and the Lord be lifted up!

Tami, God is not finished with me, yet

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