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Always Ahead

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Today's reading: Genesis 24:52-67

When I look back over the entire account of Abraham's pursuit of a suitable wife for Isaac, taking note of how every detail of the storyline falls smoothly into place, God's planning and provision stand out prominently. It's such a contrast to when I make even simple plans for something like a day away with my husband, which inevitably includes varying degrees of deviation from our game plan. Not so with God. He has a master plan that contains gazillions of smaller subparts progressing at all times. And the amazing thing about it all is how He goes before us to put pieces in place, soften hearts and change minds so that His plans are completed.

As Abraham sends his servant in search of a wife for Isaac, God is already on the move preparing the hearts of Rebekah, Laban and Bethuel to receive Abraham's servant and accept his proposal. And then when the servant and Rebekah return, we see once again how God has softened and prepared the heart of Isaac for Rebekah and Rebekah for Isaac. Only God could accomplish such a smooth and beautiful love story.

How have you observed and/or experienced God working in advance of a situation to bring it to completion? What's one example where God moved on your behalf (changing someone's mind, softening a heart, etc.) to bring about an outcome you would have never expected? What did you learn or notice about God from this account? Tami

Declaring God

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Today's reading: Genesis 24:29-52; Psalm 145:1-21

As I continued reading the account of Abraham's servant seeking for and then finding Rebekah as a wife for Isaac, Psalm 145 came to my mind. The predominant message of this psalm is that we should verbally praise God for His greatness and goodness. Verse 6 tells us to speak of God's awesome deeds and greatness, verse 7 talks of "pour[ing] forth the fame of [God's] abundant goodness" and verse 4 shows us that we should be commending God's works to one another.

Abraham's servant models Psalm 145. When he arrives at the home of Laban, Rebekah's brother, the servant boldly proclaims God's greatness and goodness to Laban and his family. He tells them the specific way in which God directed his path and answered his prayers. He even tells Laban and Bethuel about how he worshipped God after meeting Rebekah. This man was an incredible proponent and witness for God.

Is declaring God's goodness and greatness to others something you regularly do? How can you be more intentional about this—at work, at school, with your neighbors, when you're out shopping or when you're filling your car with gas? Will you join me in committing to tell at least one person each day the rest of this week about how God has been good to you? Tami

A Servant to Model

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Today's reading: Genesis 24:10-28

I was drawn to the example of Abraham's servant as he sets out on his journey to find a wife for Isaac. Immediately upon his arrival to Nahor, he prays and asks God to give him success in his mission for Abraham's sake. Then his prayer turns quite specific. He asks God to have the "right" woman respond with certain words and in a certain way.

The example of Abraham's servant—his mindset, attitude, approach and response—is one we would do well to follow. Having witnessed God's provision to Abraham for many years, he doesn't hesitate to lay before God his exact needs. His prayer is one I would describe as an expectant prayer, because he is fully expecting God to move on behalf of Abraham and, in so doing, answer his request. I especially like how specific this man is with God, which shows a comfortableness with God and that he trusts Him. And then, when God answers, the servant's immediate response is to thank God and worship Him for His faithfulness and steadfast love and provision.

Is it your practice to put your requests before God each morning? When you pray, how specific are you with your requests? What are some benefits of regularly talking with God about the intimate details of your life? Do you respond with thanks and worship to answered prayers? Tami

Complete Confidence

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Today's reading: Genesis 24:1-9

After Sarah's death, Abraham sets his sights on finding a suitable wife for Isaac. His plan is to send his servant back to his homeland to secure a wife from among his relatives. My favorite part of this passage is the exchange between Abraham and his servant, when the servant suggests that perhaps he won't be able to find a wife who will be willing to return with him to Isaac. Without batting an eye, Abraham confidently declares to his servant that God "will send his angel before you, and you shall take a wife for my son from there" (vs. 7).

Abraham and God had a long and rich history. And through it all God had provided for and protected Abraham and his family in ways Abraham would never have imagined. As such, it's no wonder that when the time comes for Isaac to take a wife, everything Abraham plans is based on what God had told and promised him. Abraham had complete confidence in God and that God would continue steady by his side.

How does remembering and/or seeing what God has done in your life (or the lives of others) help you stay the course as life moves you forward? What's one example from your life of God being trustworthy? Tami


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Today's reading: Genesis 23:1-20

After giving birth to Isaac and then training, teaching and raising him to manhood, Sarah dies at the ripe old age of 127. Because Abraham is in a foreign country, he must secure land on which to bury Sarah. He approaches the Hittites to find a suitable piece of property and is met with an outpouring of friendship and love by those he has lived among for many years. Their interaction results immediately in Abraham securing the exact place he had selected for Sarah to be buried.

The interaction between Abraham and the Hittites is really quite beautiful. The Hittites respect and admire Abraham for how he has conducted himself in the years he's lived, worked and raised his family in their country. Abraham was truly a living testimony for God, and his upright living was noticed by the Hittites.

What does being a "living testimony for God" mean for you personally? Do you have a reputation for being upright—doing what's right, helping others, speaking kind words, responding fairly and wisely, etc.? What does this account reveal about the value of our reputation? Tami

God Not Wealth

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Today's reading: Psalm 62:9-12

After declaring his dependence on and trust in God in Psalm 62:1-8, David then shifts his focus a bit to warn us about treasuring wealth. What and how much we have (possessions, status, money, etc.) doesn't have any bearing on our relationship with God. No matter our wealth or position, we need to recognize that God is in control and that our job is to do what we know is right as we live for Him.

What helps you maintain a Biblical perspective on money when the message of the world is all about getting more and more money and things? Tami

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