Nothing Impossible

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Today's reading: Genesis 17:15-27

God's thoughts, His timing and His way of doing things are different than ours. I clearly know this, yet somehow I continue to be "surprised" when what I'm thinking doesn't quite match up with God's plan. Although the Bible doesn't expressly say it, I wonder if Abraham struggled with this as well.

When Abram is already an old man with no children, God tells him that he will have offspring as numerous as the stars (Genesis 15). Years pass before God appears to Abram again, when he's now 99 years old. This time God delivers the message that he will be the father of nations through a son by his 90-year-old wife, Sarai. What?! This certainly isn't the succession plan we would have come up with in our human thinking. But as Abraham's and Sarah's story drives home—nothing is impossible with God!

Do you have a God-given dream or desire that seems impossible to you? What encouragement does God's interaction with Abraham provide? How does this account resemble the interaction between Mary and the angel in Luke 1:37 ("For nothing will be impossible with God.")? Tami

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Your title for your lesson today, Tami make me think of the song,
"Nothing is impossible when you put your trust in God...Nothing is impossible with God!!

God can do the impossible and He keeps His promises!
Both circumstance humanly speaking were impossible, a virgin was to have baby Jesus and Sarah was old 90 years to have a baby was unheard of. BUT with God
nothing is too hard from HIM.

I need to remember this!!

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