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Today's reading: Genesis 16:1-16

Sarai taking matters into her own hands creates quite a messy situation—for her, for Abram and most certainly for Hagar, who didn't really have a say or choice in the matter. But thankfully, God is much bigger than, and in no way limited by, the messes we find ourselves in.

Hagar was placed in a bad situation by Sarai, and not surprisingly, that situation took a turn for the worse after Hagar got pregnant. To escape from an angry and bitter Sarai, Hagar runs away into the open countryside, a dangerous and desolate place.

Hagar was low emotionally and thought she was on her own. But God was right there by her side, guiding, protecting and providing for her.

What messes have you found yourself in—either by a poor decision you made or a poor choice made by someone else? How did God guide, protect and/or provide for you in and through one of those messy situations? What's one thing the account from Genesis 16 showed you about God? Tami

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Thanks Tami for another good lesson from God's Word ( Genesis 16)

Of recent times I have had conflict with others when I assume something without asking questions.
Yes, it seemed impossible that Sarai would have a child and so we see Sarai is doing what she thinks (assume) is the way to have a son. We do not see any of them seeking God's way. Sarai did not want to wait on the Lord.
May I be patient and wait upon the Lord in faith and not fear which could cause me to assume what God's will is for my life.

God has a plan for us and when we disobey Him we have to pay the consequences
We see God is so merciful and when we or as we see here in Genesis 16 God's Sovereign grace is fulfilled as God always keeps His promises!!

We should not assume when God ask us to have faith in Him by trusting Him to work it out and not me/we.

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