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Today's reading: Genesis 15:1-21

Genesis 15 lets us see (with detail) one of the most important dialogues in the Bible—the private, personal and candid conversation between God and Abram where God covenants with Abram that he will have a son, that this son will have offspring as numerous as the stars and that Abram's heirs will possess the land.

Abram was committed to serving God, and as such, it was his regular practice to look for and listen to God's instruction and guidance. So when God speaks to him through a vision, it's not surprising that he responds in a familiar manner. He talks openly and honestly with God—expressing concerns about his circumstances, inquiring of God about His plan and asking how it will come about. And God likewise responds in a personal manner, reassuring Abram by giving him examples and even providing him with many details of future events and happenings that will be part of the fulfilling of God's promise to Abram.

I was drawn to the exchanges between God and Abram in this chapter because of what they reveal about God, His love for mankind and His desire to be in relationship with us. But I was also struck by Abram's example. What God tells Abram must have seemed inconceivable to Abram given his circumstances (Abram is now well over 75 years old and Sarai is unable to have children). Even so, Abram trusted God. He took God at His word. Verse 6 tells us that Abram "believed the LORD, and [the LORD] counted it to him as righteousness." What an incredible example of faith!

What did you see and/or learn about God from this chapter? What stood out to you most from Abram's response and example, and why? Is there a circumstance that you need to trust God with today? If so, talk with Him about it. Tell Him what's on your heart, share your concerns, ask Him about it (whatever "it" is) and seek His input and guidance. Tami

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Hi Tami,

What did you see and/or learn about God from this chapter?

We know what happened therefore we know that God again keeps His promises though they seem impossible! God is Sovereign and nothing is impossible with Him.

What stood out to you most from Abram's response and example, and why?

The personal relationship Abram had with God.Abram is comfortable to engage in asking God question. Then so quickly to surrender his thinking to believing God would keep His promises as He had already done in his past.

Yes, I need to trust the Lord everyday to be a vessel to serve or share the Gospel to those whom I see on my daily walk.

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