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Today's reading: Ruth 1:19-22

Naomi and Ruth's arrival in Bethlehem doesn't go unnoticed. In fact, verse 19 says the "whole town was stirred" when they arrived. I imagine there was an element of surprise to see Naomi, but I also get a sense that the women of Bethlehem who were familiar with Naomi were a little shocked at her physical appearance. Grief, stress and worry can affect the way we look, and they certainly impact our emotional state. It's no wonder the women say, "Is this Naomi?" because she probably looked worn, even haggard.

Naomi is not in the best place emotionally or spiritually when she arrives in Bethlehem. She's unhappy and depressed about her circumstances, and so her reply to these old acquaintances is terse. But as I thought about what she was experiencing, I realized that although at this point Naomi wasn't particularly pleasant, she was at least honest and straightforward with this group of women. Instead of trying to save face by downplaying or sugarcoating reality, she speaks openly from her broken and distressed heart. Naomi's candid response provides the women with an accurate picture of what's going on in her life and, in turn, lets her old friends and acquaintances know that she is in need of their support and encouragement.

Do you ever feel like you need to put on a "happy face" with Christian friends or when you walk through the doors of your church? Why or why not? When you're distressed and experiencing difficulties, is it your practice to have open and honest dialogue with God? If not, what's holding you back? Tami

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Tami, I do not know if I have ever thought that I had to put on a "happy face" with Christian friends or when in church.
I do know friends will sense something different even though I have smiled at them they,"they saw right through me"!

In the social median we see graphic that say, "avoid acid people, stay away from negative people, shun them". My first thought was Christian leaders, pastors and yes we Christian cannot abide with this if we want to reach these types of people to the Lord Who would bring them great joy!

What is standing out to me is that Naomi is very depressed widow who is looking at her circumstances and not after God. It is shocking that she would encourage her two daughter-in-laws to go back to their gods!! What an
eternal mistake that was from Naomi's lips!
We as widows must be careful that we don't blame God for our suffering or troubles.It is God Who is our Greatest Help during such times.
It amazing to see how Ruth is so loyal,faithful to Naomi during this difficult time which no doubt is rough for Ruth is also a widow and a Moabite ( not a favorable identify factor to behold especially if she is going to stay with Naomi and live with her kinsmen!!

A very interesting beginning to this Book of Ruth!!
Stay tune, it gets better!

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