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Today's reading: Ruth 2:9-23

I like surprises, and there's nothing better than when God responds to a situation in a better and bigger way than I ever expected.

That's precisely what we see in Ruth 2 when Ruth, trusting that God will provide, sets out to find a field where she can glean grain for herself and Naomi. Although Ruth doesn't realize it at the time, God directs her to a field owned by Boaz (who will later become her husband). When she arrives, Boaz's men treat Ruth respectfully and kindly and allow her to glean as they harvest. And then when Boaz comes on the scene, he not only takes note of Ruth but also speaks to her face-to-face to let her know that she is welcome to glean in his fields and that he will protect her while she's there.

Later in the day at mealtime, Boaz again looks out for Ruth quite generously. He invites her to eat a meal of bread, wine and roasted grain with him and his gleaners. He then instructs his men to be lenient with Ruth and to make sure that she will gather an ample amount of grain to take back to Naomi. Verse 17 tells us that at the end of the first day, Ruth had gathered an ephah (about 22 liters) of barley!

What an amazing day that neither Ruth nor Naomi expected. I love how this part of Ruth and Naomi's story highlights God's goodness and shows us how He lavishes His favor on us by watching over, protecting and guiding us in far bigger ways than we prayed for or anticipated!

When has God surprised you by responding above and beyond your expectations? What has God shown you about your present circumstances through Ruth 1 and 2? How have you been encouraged by the story of Ruth and Naomi thus far? Tami

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I believe all three questions can be answered in one sentence. When we as Christians know we are doing God's will for our lives although it looks like God is using two unlikely believers to do amazing work in spite of themselves because they are using their God-given talents to obey and serving Him in what might seem a very humbling beginnings.

It has happened to my late husband and me many of times!
Again, we see this played out by Ruth and Naomi.
They do what would be a natural course of action to survive and they are heading where " bread" is plentiful and Ruth had already decided to follow Namomi's God and we see two unlikely ladies being used by God Who are working together to fulfill God's perfect plan for their lives. Here is Ruth a foreigner who loves Naomi and her God willing to work in a "hostile-possible environment and a humbling one at that to provide the "bread' for her and Naomi.
There is no real disappointment in serving Jesus because if we only got our sin washed away and the promise of eternal life forever with the Lord. We could sing at the end of our lives or/and when Christ comes again "It will be worth it all when we see Jesus!"

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