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Today's reading: Ruth 1:1-5; Ruth 4:13-22; Matthew 1:1-17

After hanging out for the past several weeks in the New Testament reading through and considering Philippians, today we're turning to the Old Testament, specifically the book of Ruth. This book is a beautiful, real life account of the love story between Ruth, a widowed Moabite woman and Boaz, a Hebrew man. It's a short book (four chapters) full of lessons and illustrations of God's love and grace. The book of Ruth takes place during the time of the book of Judges and gives us the account of a particular family (the family of Elimelech) who is distressed because they've experienced death and are now facing famine.

Before we jump into the actual story of Ruth, I thought it would be good to look at the family history of the two main characters in this account, Ruth and Boaz, and their family tree going forward. Boaz is a descendent of Rahab, the prostitute from Jericho who helped the Israelite spies (see Joshua 2 and 6), and Ruth is a Moabite (a Gentile). Obed is the son of Boaz and Ruth (see Ruth 4) and the great-grandfather of King David. So, the book of Ruth puts before us the family roots and ancestry of Jesus.

What do these accounts reveal about how God chooses to work through all sorts of individuals? What do these genealogies reveal about God's salvation being for all people? How do you see God working in and through your unique family tree and life situation? Tami

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Tami, If I could backtrack to yesterday's lesson? What did you see in your reading all four chapters of Philippians that you did see but not when studying a chapter a day? Yes, which versions did you choose to read? Just curious.

Today's lesson and questions:

What do these accounts reveal about how God chooses to work through all sorts of individuals?
God's plan and thoughts are not like ours. He uses the most unlikely people to do His work!

What do these genealogies reveal about God's salvation being for all people?
We see Gentiles,harlot,Moabite,(widow) Jewish people marrying and being a part of God's family line!
I would like to add that I was struck by the omission of the words " the harlot" was not attached to Rehab. She was very courageous,obedient,knowledge of God's plan for Israel,did not let her past or her fear overwhelm her to forget the past and live for a future much different than her past. We see love,grace,forgiveness,new beginnings,race,religion,occupation and reputation can be changed by God's amazing grace in the live of those who are willing to repent, obey and become followers of Christ.
Politically incorrect by the world's standard was used by God Who is !00% correct all of the time!

How do you see God working in and through your unique family tree and life situation?
No, definitely not 100% at this time.
We need a miracle from God do change the course of our family.
We are an unlikely bunch at this time.
We all have too much of Me in the position which is reserved for God only.
My way, my feelings,my view, needs to be changed to God not me,my or I
Yes,it would take a miracle from God! I will pray for a miracle for my family.


First off, thank you for your comments and for inquiring about my thoughts. I appreciate both.

As for reading Philippians in one sitting, I chose NLT (a version I often use). I like some of the more common language and descriptors NLT uses, which gives me an even fuller picture and understanding of what is being described or said as well as the context. What did reading the entire book highlight for me? This time through, what stood out to me was Paul as a teacher and mentor and the special relationship he had with the believers in Philippi. Paul loved, cared for and valued this group of people. He considered them his dear friends, and so I noticed and was drawn toward the way he encouraged and supported them in every area of the letter (even correcting them in chapter 4). I might describe Paul as a cheerleader of sorts, and we all need at least one. Lastly, I loved how at the close of the letter we see that this is a reciprocal relationship--the Philippians were supporting and encouraging Paul, too.

So there were really two things that stood out for me as a result of reading straight through this book--Paul’s example as a teacher and mentor, and our need for friendship relationships with other believers.

Thanks again, Wanda. And thank you, too, for encouraging me today!


Tami, Thanks for your double blessing me and I think others are reading your blog,but have not made comments hopefully they join in the conversation and be a blessing too!

I am not aware of the NLT and I will start using that version too along with some other good versions that are very helpful to us all.

Paul had such a close relationship with the Lord that is was no doubt the outcome of his relationship with other believers and likewise their relationship towards him.

Paul is a very good model to emulate after him.

Thanks again for going the extra mile to make it personal to me. I know that you would be more than gladly do it towards others too.

God's best to you,Tami!

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