Ripple Effect

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Today's reading: Judges 20:1-48

Have you ever thrown a rock (or some other item) into a lake, pond or even a puddle? The rock hitting the water initiates a ripple effect. It disrupts the surface by creating a bit of a wave, which then starts moving outward to create other smaller waves, and so on and so on. The same is true of our actions and words. This can be a good thing when our choices are rightly motivated and carried out wisely. But it can also be a bad thing when we choose to do or say something sinful.

The example of a negative ripple effect came across strongly in this final recorded story of Judges. The sinful actions of the men of Gibeah (abusing and killing the Levite's concubine) set in motion ripples that would have devastating consequences for the Israelites (the tribe of Benjamin's refusal to turn over the guilty men and a civil war that results in the death of thousands of people and nearly wipes out an entire tribe).

We'll never be perfect, but if we stop and consider the ripples and ask for God's help, He will help us do better. Think back over the past few days. What ripple effects have you created? Have they been good ones? What have you learned from those that weren't so good? Tami

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I don't think we as Christian purposely choose ripple effect in the negative, but doing nothing when we should have spoken up or intervene in a positive action.
I am trying to be motivated by the Spirit of God to stay silent or to speak up boldly to prevent an bad account.
That is why I need to pray and read my Bible daily and meditate on it throughout the day!

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