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Today's reading: Judges 14:6, 19; 15:14; 16:28-30

"The Spirit of the LORD rushed upon him." (Judges 14:6, 19; 15:14)

As we read about Samson, we see the phrase above in several places immediately before the Holy Spirit empowers Samson to do extraordinary acts. This phrase prompted me to think about the Holy Spirit.

In contrast to today, in Old Testament times, the Holy Spirit did not permanently dwell in those who served God. Thus the scriptures like Judges 14:6, 14:19, 15:14 and what we see in the final verses of chapter 16, where Samson had one final burst of superhuman power. It wasn't until after Jesus's death and resurrection that the gift of the permanent indwelling of the Holy Spirit was given to those who place their faith in Jesus Christ. And what an incredible and powerful gift (and also a privilege) the Holy Spirit is for us as we navigate life. Thank You, God, for providing us with Your Spirit to guide and help us 24/7!

How aware would you say you are of the Holy Spirit's helping presence in your life? Why is being aware of the Holy Spirit important? Think back over the past few days. How has the Holy Spirit guided, strengthened, prompted and/or encouraged you? Tami

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I am not good at being aware of the Holy Spirit's presence in my life.I know tghat the Trinity includes are three Person and I am not as aware of the Holy Spirit's presence as I am with the Lord Jesus and God. Thanks for reminding us who do forget to often.

Again we see God's forgiveness and grace shown in the life of Samson.
He was not consistently walking with the Lord,but when he calls out to the Lord we see that God is prompt to hear and answer Samson's changed heart.

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