Mr. and Mrs. Manoah

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Today's reading: Judges 13:1-14

For the next several days we'll be reading about and considering the life of Samson, probably the best-known judge of Israel. But before we turn to Samson, we're going to take a little time first to learn about (and learn from) Samson's parents, whom I like to refer to as Mr. and Mrs. Manoah.

What struck me most about Manoah and his wife was the absence of many of the responses or reactions you might expect to see. Samson's mom was barren, and both she and Manoah knew that, yet when this stranger (whom neither one recognized as being an angel) informs them of Samson's birth, they don't show any signs of disbelief, distrust, doubt, ridicule, skepticism. Instead, they simply believe. Manoah's words to the angel in verse 12 speak volumes.

"Now when your words come true, what is to be the child's manner of life, and what is his mission?"

Imagine yourself in the place of Manoah or his wife. How do think you would have responded to this incredible news? Do you believe that, with God, all things are possible? Tami

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Hi Tami,

I don’t read your blog everyday but I must say that it’s usually thought provoking and inspiring.
Thank you for using the word of the Lord to make a difference in my life. Blessings to you

Tami, I was thinking the same thing of how I would have reacted if an angel had appeared to me! I do not think the word "calm" would have been accurate!

Although I would have reacted this way, I know that I could trust the Lord to do the impossible like he has done in the past. I have not always been 100% trusting all of the time!

It is amazing beginning even before Samson's birth even He had amazing parents especially his mom.

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