Evil Desires

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Today's reading: Judges 9:1-6

The sinful nature of man shines through in the account of Abimelech. With Gideon no longer living, his son, Abimelech, puts in place and then executes a plan to take control and lead Israel as king. It's a heartbreaking story, but it's also a revealing one. It provides a powerful example for us of what we are capable of when we choose to give into and act upon our sinful desires. Power hungry and full of himself, Abimelech rounds up and murders his brothers--70 in total--in order to eliminate any challenge to his rule.

What does this passage show about power--having power, the impact and influence of power, and handling power once we possess it? What does this account reveal about how and for what reasons we choose whom we follow or put in place as a leader? Tami

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Tami, I thought the following paragraph were appropriate for this study. I hope that I was fair and identifying where I got my quote from:

Heavenscross.com a person who is power hungry.
- A person’s thirst for power is not satisfied when he gets power, it only becomes more intense. Abimelech’s life was controlled by that thirst. Eventually, he could not tolerate any threat to his power.

By this time ownership had changed. Abimelech no longer had power, power had him. One of the most valuable lessons we can learn here is that our goals control our actions. The amount of control is related to how important the goal is. Abimelech’s most important goal was to have power. His lust for power led him to wipe out not only his brothers but whole cities that would not submit to him. Nothing but death could stop this bloodthirsty drive Abimelech had to conquer. How ironic that he was fatally injured by a woman! The contrast between Abimelech and the great people of the Bible is great. Abimelech wanted to control the nation, while the great people of the Bible were willing to be controlled by God.

Yes,we want leaders and we want to be controlled by the Lord.

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