Faith, Not Law

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Today's reading: Galatians 3:15-29; Romans 3:20

Jesus coming to earth, willingly dying on the cross for our sins and being resurrected from the grave changed everything. Jesus ushered in a new age of grace that replaced the requirement of following God's law in order to be made right with God.

While the church (new believers) in Galatia had placed their faith in Jesus, they were struggling with living according to this new standard of grace and had turned back to the false teaching about needing to follow the law. The vast majority of the book of Galatians is Paul explaining and reinforcing, in numerous ways, how being made right with God is ONLY through faith in Christ. In other words, Paul is providing this church with a true explanation of salvation as opposed to the false teaching (legalism) they had turned toward and were embracing.

When we reach Galatians 3:15-29, we see Paul explaining why the law was given--to make us aware of our sin and help us control and keep it in check. He also, again, lets his readers know that our attempts to keep the law (which we are unable to do) will never be able to make us right with God (see also Romans 3:20). The only way we can know God and have a personal relationship with Him is through placing our faith in Jesus Christ.

What stood out to you from Paul's explanation about the law and faith in this passage, and why? How do you guard against embracing legalistic thinking (following a list of rigid dos and don'ts)? Tami

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