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Today's reading: John 9:1-41

Jesus's healing of the blind man in John 9 was a great reminder for me that one of the best ways for me to share Christ with others is by telling my story. In other words, how having a personal relationship with Jesus changed my life when I first made the decision to follow Christ, and how my life continues to be impacted since making that pivotal decision--how God has watched over, protected, guided, comforted, taught and grown me through difficult circumstances, how I have seen Him work in my family, etc.

The blind man who encountered Jesus was changed forever--first physically and then spiritually. And he was vocal about his experience, telling his story to those around him. What stands out to me most about this account is the power of this man's story. Despite being confronted and interrogated by the religious leaders who wielded much authority, this man was able to calmly and confidently communicate his story. And no matter how hard they pressed against him (and they pressed hard), the Jewish leaders cannot negate or discredit this man's experience with Jesus. The details of what happened are factual, and because of that, this man is able to bodly and confidently relay the truth of his life-changing experience to all those around him--even with those who are opposed to Jesus. The same is true for us.

What is your story? How did encountering Jesus in a personal way change your life (physically and spiritually)? How is your relationship with Jesus (since making the decision to receive Christ as your Savior) continuing to impact your life? The way you answer these questions is your story, and it's a great way to introduce and share Jesus with others. So take some time today to think about your story (not just when and how you were saved, but how God continues to work and move in your life) so you're prepared to boldly and confidently share your experiences with others. Then, get out there and start talking. Who can/will you share your story with in the coming week? Tami

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Tami, It would be a delight to hear your story of when you met the Lord as your Savior too!

I was only 9 years old when I heard the salvation story and I went forward to accept Jesus as my Savior. I thought,that was a very simple personal story of when and how I accepted the LORD. BUT for a shy child to go forward was a big step for me!! I am so happy that the Holy Spirit's urge was stronger than my physical /mental shyness!

I have never been sorry that I trusted the Lord. Although I am held back from growing in the Lord with my fear bondage, God has graciously and full of mercy Who has help me to know there are times when I do trust Him completely!!

I remember we used to have testimony meeting where we shared our story of how God saved us and how He answered our prayers. I not only enjoyed them,but was encouraged and blessed by them.
This story about the blind man was so simple, but so powerful.The only recorded story of men being healed of their blindness was by Jesus. Lord, heal my spiritual blindness so I can see You, better, so I can focus on You more and be able to trust You even more!!

Once I was blind,but NOW I can see!!

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