The BEST Wine

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Today's reading: John 2:1-12

While the account of Jesus's first public miracle (turning water into wine) contains a number of lessons for us, one stood out prominently to me. As I read through today's passage and considered the details of this event, it hit me how everything God provides for us is "the best" because He loves us so much and truly wants the best for us. So often we spend our time pursuing things in the world that we perceive as being the best for us. When God moves on our behalf, we're reminded that His plan and gifts for us are so much better than anything we could imagine or receive from the world.

What's one example of how God has provided "the best" of something for you? (The best outcome in a challenging situation, the best job after searching, the best location to live, the best option... you get the picture.) When we truly believe that God's always giving us His best, how does this change our understanding of how much God loves and values us? Tami

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Enjoyed this lesson,Tami!

Jesus changed the water into wine, BEST wine!
This is what Jesus did for me when I accepted(drank)the living Water Thank You,Lord for shedding your blood. May I be willing to give my Best to you!

Life would not be worth living with Jesus!!

I need to remind myself what you said, Tami in your last sentence. "When we truly believe that God's always giving us His best, how does this change our understanding of how much God loves and values us?"

Very recently, after 42 years, my wife and I have moved into a one story house in a beautiful development. Our buying the house, selling our house to a very grateful family, in the time it was done, and all that has transpired even in the midst of me having surgery is all God. There could be no other reason, no other way. God's hand is all over our move. Praise God for his goodness! We have definitely been given God's best!

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