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Today's reading: 1 Kings 6:1-38

After putting thorough plans in place, Solomon turns to building the temple, the "house of the Lord." I love how we're given so much detail about the construction of this magnificent structure. I found myself pondering the size and magnitude of the building itself and also tried to visualize this special place from room to room as well as decoration and design. (If you'd like to see some model images of the temple, there are quite a few available online.)

But as grand as the description of the temple was, the LORD's communication with Solomon right in the middle of all of the details (verses 11-13) drew my attention. I asked myself, Why, in the middle of construction, does God give this reminder to Solomon? As I contemplated the purpose of this reminder, God impressed on my heart that temptations are always lurking around us, and even when our walk with God is strong, we are prone to stumble. That being the case, we absolutely need reminders to keep our minds and thoughts focused on God and His Word.

What sorts of things ("building projects") have the potential to pull your eyes off of God and His Word? Tami

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Tami, I am guilty of wondering and wandering in my mind. Great reminder for me that my labor is unto the Lord and not in vain when I get tired,discouraged or weary in the work.

Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary
1Ki 6:11-14. God's Promises unto It.

11-13. the word of the Lord came to Solomon—probably by a prophet. It was very seasonable, being designed: first, to encourage him to go on with the building, by confirming anew the promise made to his father David (2Sa 7:12-16); and secondly, to warn him against the pride and presumption of supposing that after the erection of so magnificent a temple, he and his people would always be sure of the presence and favor of God. The condition on which that blessing could alone be expected was expressly stated. The dwelling of God among the children of Israel refers to those symbols of His presence in the temple, which were the visible tokens of His spiritual relation to that people.

Any project/thing can have the potential to pull our/my eyes off of God and His Word.

I like how this commentaries explains verses. 11-13. God was encouraging Solomon is his work,reminded him of His promise to his Father David and now to him,(Solomon) under certain conditions to obey and to keep His eyes on Him. God also reminded Solomon that God's presence was not confine in temples as were false gods,but His presence will reach all of Israel.

Pride,tiredness,busyness can cause us to lose sight of the purpose of our service/work for the Lord.

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