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Today's reading: 1 Kings 5:1-18

As we're learning more and more about Solomon, the wisest man to ever live, one of the things I notice (here in 1 Kings 4 and 5) is that Solomon was an incredible organizer and planner--two qualities that are very helpful when we're leading or taking on a project. Why is it that so often we get a goal or a project in our mind, and in our excitement we head off without being fully prepared? (I've certainly done it, and I'm guessing you have too.) Or, we've only planned a step or two ahead, and our strategy (whether we realize it or not) is to make decisions as they come up. That strategy may get us to the end of a project, but more often than not our lack of planning and organization leads to frustration (ours and those working with us), extra steps, the spending of extra money, and worst case scenario, a failed, unfinished or unattained project or goal. Not the case with Solomon.

What project or goal are you working toward that could use more planning and organization? What planning step(s) does Solomon use that you might implement now or the next time you take on a project? What does Solomon's example show us about the value of working and partnering with other people? Tami

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Tami, I have another lesson that requires of me to improve.
I need to seek the Lord FIRST,about any project or goal that I plan to start with His approval and help.

I was impressed when I read the verbal face to face conversation when Solomon was making plans to build the temple while the time was right, no war it was peaceful and that he explained to Hiram why it was now the time to build the temple instead of when David was not so during David's reign. Hiram loved David's reign and now he was a partner with David's son to build the temple.
Also, I was impressed that Solomon a time for the workers to go home to be with family and get some needed rest.

After reading one commentary ( Coffman?) whom seemed to think the building of the temple was not in God's plan although God allowed Solomon to do so. Maybe God was looking at Solomon's heart and the temple was build.

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