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Today's reading: 1 Kings 7:1-12

As we move to 1 Kings 7, we get details of Solomon's residences, which we're told were constructed with the same quality workmanship as that of the temple. God clearly blessed Solomon with wisdom as well as riches, and Solomon constructed his dwellings in accordance with and in proportion to that abundant blessing.

This passage shows us that it's okay to have nice things as a follower of Christ--provided we keep a proper perspective about money and wealth. Building God's house was Solomon's first priority, and he was attentive, meticulous and eager to complete this project. It was only after finishing this important and massive construction project that he turned his attention to completing the construction of his dwellings.

Do you think of God as being the giver of all that you have? Do you consider what you have as a blessing from Him? What's one thing that stood out to you from Solomon's example of keeping God a first priority? Tami

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Tami, I appreciate your writings and will miss them when I am gone.

I need to think more about God being the Giver of all that I have.

Solomon was interested in using the best material,professionals,precision and perfection in which God was pleased with the finished temple.

Wanda, I appreciate your writings and comments as well! Thank you for following along with me and sharing your insights and experiences. May we both continue to seek and find Jesus for as long as we live! Tami

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