Ugly Words

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Today's reading: 2 Samuel 6:16-23, Proverbs 15:1, Proverbs 18:21

No relationship is without conflict. Why? Because this side of heaven, we're all flawed people. This being the case, being prepared to respond properly when our tempers flare and we need to confront someone or someone confronts us, would be wise on our part.

Anger is a powerful emotion that often times leads us to speak or spew ugly, hurtful words to others. Proverbs 18:21 tells us, "Death and life are in the power of the tongue..." Our ugly words can damage relationships beyond repair, and once spoken, those cutting words can never be taken back.

We get a glimpse of conflict handled poorly in 2 Samuel 6:16-23. Michal is angry with David, and in her anger is waiting to confront David as soon as he returns from offering before the ark and blessing the people. David isn't expecting an angry confrontation and immediately responds in kind with his own harsh and cutting words. The situation is a sad one, and at the end of the day, the relationship between this husband and wife has been damaged forever.

How do you tend to respond or react when you get angry with someone? Whether you're pausing for several seconds before responding or waiting even longer, how is waiting to confront or address a person who has offended you helpful when conflict arises? What's one lesson you learned about anger, conflict or confrontation from this passage? Tami

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Tami,Another good lesson and it would seem that you had written my name on it! :)
Also, I was so thrilled to see others making some great comments in my absences!! PTL!!

So thankful that I am not always fast to lose my cool,but have been known to pause for some time before responding.
In this passage it looks at first glance that David was anger at his wife as an reaction to ugly words towards him,but in Bob Deffinbaugh ( brings a thought that cause me to agree with him here concerning David. "(Gal.David's words to his wife are strong and may even seem harsh, but that is because they reflect the wickedness of Michal's heart. A righteous man cannot take her rebuke lightly. David had several things to point out to his wife:

(1) His conduct, which Michal found so disgusting, was “before the Lord” (6:21). David's actions may have been seen by his wife, but they were not done for her benefit; they were done for God's benefit. David was not performing for his wife. He was not even performing for the crowd. He was performing for the Lord. His worship was not intended to please her. I am reminded of the words of the apostle Paul here:(Gal. 1:10).
I was so absorb in yesterday's lesson on"Celebrate" that I forgot to comment.
So I will today!

David was celebrating before the Lord dress like a humbled priest and not like king and was doing it BEFORE THE LORD.
His wife was very upset with him for acting un-kingly.
Each and every week we remember our Lord's atoning work on the cross of Calvary by celebrating communion at the Lord's table. The saints at Corinth began to see this as a ritual, and their conduct at the Lord's table was not pleasing to the Lord. Paul told these saints that they failed to “judge the body rightly” (1 Corinthians 11:29). For this failure, a number of the Corinthians were stricken with illness, and some even died (11:30). Let us be very mindful of the holiness of God and the sacredness of our worship. God does not take our insensitivity to His holiness lightly.
We see we celebrate the Lord in song,prayer,reading and preaching God's Word and communion. Just like Uzziah we take communion seriously.

Confiict between Michal and David was spiritual (maybe all conflict is spiritual). David found it in his heart to praise God with abandon. Michal could not. Partners may often be in different moods, and at different stages spiritually. It would be great if each could acknowledge this difference and let it be, without attacking the other one.

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