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Today's reading: 2 Samuel 4:1-12, Proverbs 11:3

While David was grieved over Abner's death, Baanah and Rechab, two of Ish-bosheth's captains (and who would have known Abner well), received the news of Abner's death and then immediately plotted how they could turn the situation to their advantage. With no regard for anyone but themselves, they murder Ish-bosheth and then present his head to David expecting David to reward them (similar to the scenario in 2 Samuel 1 surrounding Saul's death).

To their surprise and ultimate dismay, David refuses to entertain what they've done. Instead, he proclaims God's goodness and calls Baanah and Rechab out for what they are: "wicked men" who have taken an innocent life. As I considered this passage, David's devotion to God and his desire to live righteously, once again, came across loud and clear.

Is it your desire to live rightly for God? How are you demonstrating your commitment to godly living to those around you? What's one lesson or message that God impressed on your heart as you took in and considered this passage? Tami

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Tami, I enjoyed reading several commentaries online on Prov. 11:3

David as a shepherd knew that God was his spiritual Shepherd Who would guide him to the right path and would keep him safe just like a good shepherd (just like David was his father's flock).

David was consistent and as what you have said so clearly about David:
"David's devotion to God and his desire to live righteously, once again, came across loud and clear." Amen
Allow me to share with you all Matthew Henry's comment on Prov.11;3 " It is not only promised that God will guide the upright, and threatened that he will destroy the transgressors, but, that we may be the more fully assured of both, it is here represented as if the nature of the thing were such on both sides that it would do it itself. The integrity of an honest man will itself be his guide in the way of duty and the way of safety. His principles are fixed, his rule is certain, and therefore his way is plain; his sincerity keeps him steady, and he needs not tack about every time the wind turns, having no other end to drive at than to keep a good conscience. Integrity and uprightness will preserve men, Ps. 25:21 . The iniquity of a bad man will itself be his ruin. As the plainness of a good man will be his protection, though he is ever so much exposed, so the perverseness of sinners will be their destruction, though they think themselves ever so well fortified. They shall fall into pits of their own digging, ch. 5:22"

My desire to live rightly before God, I need be to more intentional and find opportunities to demonstrate to others my commitment to godly living around others around me.

David is steadfast in his desire and devotion to the Lord to live an righteous life as king, just like he did when Saul was king.

Oh, that I might have a steadfast,desire,devotion to the Lord that it shows the world that I have a consistent Christian walk with the Lord in integrity of heart like David was in his life.

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