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Today's reading: 2 Samuel 12:15-31

There are always consequences when we sin. And in today's passage, David experiences that first-hand. With regard to this instance, the consequences are particularly painful and distressing. But the pain and distress of the sickness and death of his first son with Bathsheba, humbles David and brings him to a state of complete repentance. While this account is sad and difficult to read, it delivers a needed reminding message of the damaging consequences of our sinful choices--not only to us personally, but to those around us, who more often than not are the people dearest to us.

How has God used a consequence(s) to move your heart to repentance? Tami

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Tami, a baby in the family was very ill so my mom called all of us children to pray and she asked us all if we had a unconfessed sin that would hinder our prayers? One sister said that she had stolen a bag of candy from a local store with her friend. Although we were all shocked since she was the one who wasn't know to have a sweet tooth!
So I went with her to the store to confess and pay for the stolen candy. We were pleasantly surprised the store manager was a Christian and readily forgave her. The baby did get well.

I am sure this was something that I remember when I prayed to make sure that I had no sins that I had not confessed to Him before I made my request known to God.

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