Bad to Worse

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Today's reading: 2 Samuel 13:20-39

David's family situation is a mess. Amnon has raped his half-sister Tamar, Absalom (Tamar's brother and Amnon's half-brother) now hates Amnon and is set on getting revenge for Tamar, and David who is "angry" about Amnon's actions does nothing to address and make right what has taken place and completely disrupted his family. It's an ugly, dysfunctional family scenario to begin with, and it only gets worse as a result of David's failure to properly deal with the situation.

Once again, there are numerous lessons for us from this passage--parenting, anger, revenge, relationships. But the main lesson that stood out to me was how David's lack of action serves to make a bad situation so much worse. Rather than stepping directly into this tragic situation that has taken place between his children, David chooses to stick his head in the sand. The result is that Absalom's hatred grows and festers, and ultimately leads him to murder his brother.

Based on this passage and your own experience, why is it important to address conflict and hurt within your family sooner than later? What about conflict and hurt in situations with friends, at work or at church? Tami

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I cannot think of any personal experience,but I have to wonder about the horrible crimes that is in our newspapers. Could these incidences been handled sooner before it got worse?

Your heart goes out towards Tamar who tried to stop this from happened to her.

Conflict and resentment have caused a lifetime of sorrow. Our family was hurt by this. Togethernes and joy were lost. Several members of the family let their resentment drive all their interactions with other family members. This resentment has continued even after the deaths of perpetrating family members. In my estimation, it has been tragic and could have been avoided. The Lord can give a person victory over hatred and resentment, if we only take it!

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