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Today's reading: 1 Samuel 29:1-11

The situation isn't a good one in 1 Samuel 29. David, the man God chose and anointed to be the next king of Israel, is aligned with the Philistines and getting ready to go to war against his own nation! Neither King Achish or David think this is a problem (what?), but Achish's men think differently and demand that David not take part in the battle. As I considered and processed that was taking place in this passage, I was struck by God's goodness and how He protected David through the demands of Achish's men.

God has done the same for me a number of times over the years. The most memorable time of protection was quite a number of years ago when I was getting ready to start a new job that was going to require me to put in massive hours away from my husband. I knew in my heart that the situation wasn't the best for me, but was blinded by the prestige and large salary that came with the position. Right before I was supposed to start, a complication arose and I could no longer accept the position. I was devastated, but looking back I can now see very clearly that God was protecting me and my marriage. Thank you, God!!!

When has God stepped in and protected you (I'd love to hear about your experience)? What does this chapter show us about God being a loving, caring Father who watches over us? Tami

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This past March, for the first time in my life, l was fired from a job I loved and felt called to. As I look back now I can see how I was becoming consumed by it. For 3 months I searched for a new job only to be turned down for a variety of reasons. A month ago now an organization I worked for part time decided that they could offer me full time hours and a salary that more than made up for what I’d lost.

I enjoyed reading both yours Tami and Phil K's testimonies of God's provision and protection!

When has God stepped in and protected you (I'd love to hear about your experience)?

God has protected all who are willing to repent accepted His free offer us sins forgiven,abundant life and to live with Him forever.

Many times God has rescued us from danger!
Sometimes we were not aware of this protection until we heard on the news why we had to detour from the freeway, the radio announcer said that a fatal accident had happen at the PLACE we were heading!

I am sure that God has protected His children many times that we were not aware of it!!

What does this chapter show us about God being a loving, caring Father who watches over us?

In this chapter we see that David has gotten himself in a mess and it has the potential for him to bring harm to not only Saul but his dear friend, Jonathan. God Who says the wages of sin is death has made an escape for not only David or me but for those who repent.
David does repent and God does miraculously deliver David and his men!

Hello Tami,

Thanks for this timely word. I want to share a similar experience.

In 2011 I responded to what I believed was the Lord’s leading to give up my position in a missions agency. There were a few weeks of paid leave in the beginning but as that was coming to an end I began to become anxious and started to apply for jobs.

I was interviewed for a position that seemed tailor made for me but they said they couldn’t pay what I was asking for. A few months later the company was involved in some legal problems that were very public and very ugly. If I had gotten the job my life would have been on the line as manager. Interestingly enough, I would have been able to go home for only one or two weekends per month.

I thank my God for His intervention.
Icilda - Jamaica

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