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Today's reading: 2 Samuel 3:1-25

Abner provides us with a pretty good example of self-absorbed thinking and living. We've gleaned a little information about him prior to today's passage, but here in 2 Samuel 3 we get an up-close and personal look at this man's sinful attitudes and ways. I jotted down the following unappealing things I noticed about Abner: arrogant, bully, powerful and power hungry, people user, disrespectful of others, answers to no one, thinks highly of himself. What a picture of how power and position can spiral out of control when we've made ourselves, our goals and our personal desires our number one priority rather than living to follow and serve God.

When are you most susceptible to self-centered thinking and acting? How does being in God's Word, praying, having friendships with other believers and being involved in church help you combat the temptation to elevate your interests and wants above all else? Tami

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Wow! Tami This is a good study!!
I am afraid that I am self-absorb most of the day!
We have a culture that is "all about me" such as I-phones,selfies and etc.

I believe, the answer to your questions are in your comment where you say:
"...when we've made ourselves, our goals and our personal desires our number one priority rather than living to follow and serve God."

I am afraid that I would have reacted the same way Abner responded to the Ish-bosheth's accusation be it true or not, I would have been anger too.

Lord,May I spend more time in your Word,praying and serving You intentional to combat the temptation to be self-serving most of the time

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