Superb Leader

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Superb Leader

Today's reading: 1 Samuel 11:1-15

Today we get a look at Saul's early leadership style, and I have to say, it is impressive. The Ammonites have taken control of the city of Jabesh-gilead, and the Ammonite leader, Nahash, has agreed to make a treaty with the people--with the condition that each person's right eye be gouged out as a way to disgrace Israel. (Talk about a picture of an arrogant bully). In desperation and with the hope of receiving aid from kinsmen, Jabesh-gilead sends word of their impending plight around the countryside.

When the message reaches Saul's community of Gibeah, the people are sad but no one suggests taking action to help. That all changes, however, once Saul hears about this horrific situation. He responds immediately, calling for the people of Israel to rally together to rescue the city of Jabesh-gilead. Saul then organizes the large group who responds, and they proceed to crush the Ammonites and take back the city. Then immediately after the victory, we get another glimpse of Saul's leadership when he refuses to allow the killing of a number of men who had opposed his leadership. Well done, Saul!

What did you learn from this account about understanding, helping and/or leading people? How will you use what you learned from this account to help you as you direct, lead and work with others? Tami

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He did the opposite of what 5he world would do in his latter actions by soaring the ones who opposed him...He took swift action to save those in trouble...hmm...I have a small leadership role at church, but recently I had some who opposed me and was ready to handle it just like the world...I was going to cut them least passively, but a godly friend said no...I prayed, confessed it...God showed me His way...hmm His way was not what I was thinking at first, but I obeyed...and why was I surprised that His way worked??!

"And the spirit of God came upon Saul (11:6)
vs. 7 "And the fear of the LORD fell on the people, and they came out with one consent."
vs. 13:
"And Saul said, There shall not a man be put to death this day: for today the LORD hath wrought salvation in Israel."

The Lord was in the detail so Saul had victory!
Saul was appointed by God although he was not needed if the people would have followed the Lord.

We see a humble Saul ( was found working in the field)
He showed compassion and gave an shocking illustration which
caused the people to be of one consent.
Responded quickly to prepare for battle
And Saul knew Who was to be praised...the Lord help them win the battle.

I should learn to be mindful that whatever position that I have that the goal is alway to glory the Lord for which we were born to do! God is the focus!!

I am impressed by Saul's strength and ability to respond quickly to the need. That is true leadership! I see a dark side too--rallying people through fear by sending the cut of oxen throughout the land. I'm troubled by this gesture as a way of motivating Israel. Is this heavy-handed? No leader is perfect, I am well aware of that , and Saul was clearly a gifted leader, yet this gesture may reveal a key weakness that will lead to his downfall.

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