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Today's reading: 1 Samuel 19:8-24

Jonathan's candid talk with Saul temporarily resolves the situation between Saul and David. But this peaceful time doesn't last long. After David is once again successful against the Philistine army, Saul reverts back to his murderous thinking. The situation turns dire for David... so much so that it requires him to flee for his life in darkness of the night. It's an awful situation for David--yet, God's hand of protection is absolutely over him. Despite Saul knowing exactly where David is and sending troops (including Saul himself) to capture him, God does not allow anyone to touch or harm David. What an incredible display of God's supernatural power and control as our protector.

What did this passage reveal to you about God? How has 1 Samuel 19 impacted your thinking about God being in control of your situation, no matter how dire, as well as His past and present protection of you? Tami

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Would give us the answer to this question on your yesterday's blog:
What's the most important lesson about confrontation that you
learned or noticed from this account?
I think, I have changed my mind.
Jonathan was prompt,proposals question,that would leave a "good taste" in his father's "mouth" and most importantly he saw him privately.


It is an adventured-filled story to see how God protected David, in war, Saul's spear,and his flight to escape Saul. God was faithful and was a Mighty Protector for David and even after he became king!
There is a parallel between David and Jesus both were innocent and still their enemies wanted them killed.

This passage was another reminder of the many times that the Lord was my Mighty Protector in my life!!

Tami,I enjoy your literary skills on these very interesting blogs!
So thankful that you are using your talents for the Lord!

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