Lesson in Reverse

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Today's reading: 1 Samuel 14:24-52

Saul's thinking, and the way he interacted with his troops in 1 Samuel 14, definitely provide us with some insight on how to lead people. Unfortunately, that insight is mostly through a negative perspective rather than from a modeling of effective leading. The lesson that stood out to me the most from this passage (or what I recognize was least effective) was how Saul put his wants and interests before the well-being of the men in his army. The information and words of Saul contained in verse 24 reveal much.

"And the men of Israel had been hard pressed that day, so Saul had laid an oath on the people, saying, 'Cursed be the man who eats food until it is evening and I am avenged on my enemies.' So none of the people had tasted food."

The men of Israels army had been fighting hard, and they were weary. But rather than providing a much needed boost to his men--physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually--Saul is consumed with himself. He's frustrated with the current state of the battle, so he impulsively imposes a foolish, punitive oath banning any consumption of food until evening. Saul's actions and words convey that he was more concerned about himself and what he wanted than with looking after and helping the men under his care--the very men who were giving their lives to support and protect him.

What's one lesson about leading you noticed or learned from this passage? What does Saul's example teach us about considering the interests of others as we lead as parents, adults or teachers at work, with friends, at school or at church? Tami

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