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Today's reading: 1 Samuel 6:1-21

In 1 Samuel 6, we again get a look at the Philistines' thinking with regard to the ark of the covenant, along with how they handle its return to the Israelites. The Philistines were clearly knowledgeable about God's prior dealings with the Egyptians on behalf of the Israelites, and on some level, they were fearful of God and even acknowledged that they needed to make amends for their wrongful taking of the ark.

Chapter 6 fleshes out what I mentioned last Friday about the Philistines knowing they were dealing with an all-powerful God, yet refusing to acknowledge, accept or submit to Him as the one true God. The accounts we've read over the past few days provide us with a picture of how sin can cloud our vision, especially when it is unchecked, ongoing and unconfessed, which can then keep us from recognizing, submitting to and serving God.

Do you keep a short account with God when it comes to asking for forgiveness for wrong actions, thoughts, words, attitudes, etc.? Why is this important? Tami

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To answer your questions,
the first question is "No".
the second question is "Yes"

Through out this day I have spent
thinking about every thought, word,action,attitude,etc.
and I have been striving to become aware of every sin and confessing it immediately.
For sure this exercise caused to see if there was any sin
that I was allowing to come into my day.It is possible that I
forgot or overlooked a sin. I could have had several sins of omission as I tried hard to stay focus on this desire to confess
all of my sins just this day!

I know that the Lord forgives me my sins.
When I read the Scriptures I need to ask the Lord
to reveal any sins in my life that I need to confess to Him immediately.
I know the Lord desires fellowship with me when I read His
Word and pray. I need to thank Him for forgiving all of my sins in the past that I cannot possible remember every one of them.
I know, that God does and will forgive all of my sins. He died on the Cross for all of my sins.

Sorry I am rambling, but this a new concept to confess each of my sins so that I will have fellowship and communion with the Lord.
Although, I have dealt with my sins that I have not confess before partaking in the Lord's Supper at church.

Any word of correction would be invited.

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