Difficult Waiting

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Today's reading: 1 Samuel 1:1-20

1 Samuel begins with an introduction to a godly man named Elkanah and his two wives, Hannah and Penninah. Elkanah had several children with Penninah but no children with the woman he loved deeply, Hannah. The desire of Hannah's heart was to have a son, but for years (don't overlook this detail of years) she was unable to get pregnant.

The relationship between Penninah and Hannah was adversarial. Penninah reveled in Hannah's infertility, taunting and tormenting her about it. The situation was so bad that Hannah would weep and wouldn't eat. Then at some point, years into this scenario (notice the timespan of years again), Hannah goes to the temple and pours her heart out to God, asking Him to please give her a son. God hears Hannah's heartfelt request and answers--but not immediately (once more, take note of the timing). Verse 20 states, "in due time Hannah conceived and bore a son, and she called his name Samuel."

Hannah's situation highlighted and turned my attention toward God's timing and how waiting is very often part of His perfect plan. I'm not the most patient person, so this passage served as a good reminder that regardless of what I'm feeling (discouraged, frustrated, helpless, forgotten, impatient, depressed, disappointed, etc.), God's plan and God's timing is always and will always be the right and best course of action for my life.

As you read Hannah's story, what did God impress on your heart about His timing and plan as it pertains to your life? Are you waiting for God to move in a certain area or circumstance? What encouragement did you draw from this passage? Tami

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God's plan and timing are both important.

I believe, God's waiting time causes us to mature,be prepare and made ready to do God's will.

I believe, Hannah was gracious in her reaction to Penninah, Elkanah and to Eli.

Her prayer seems to show maturity in her waiting time for her prayer request for a son.
She is very fervent in her prayer pouring our her soul,being submissive to the Lord,and she is NOT only ASKING for a son but to GIVE her son to the LORD! Wow!!

When I pray I do ask for my request and ask for His will to be done. But I don't recall giving my request to Him!!

Our family prayed over 70 years for my dad to be saved.

I know that I prayed sometimes with not much feeling, just a prayer of habit,but as he got older and was seriously sick, my prayers were more fervent. Just before my dad's conversion,I prayed to the Lord Whom I trust to do whatever it takes to move my dad to want to be saved!.
My dad was close to 86 years of age in the hospital and was told that the surgery that he needed was not possible because of his health issues. Then later on he was in the hospital again,when he was told by his surgeon that he was sure to die if he did not have the surgery. The surgeon went on to say that she could not promise that he would live during or after surgery. My sister again asked our dad if he knew how serious his situation was and was he now ready to ask Jesus to be His Savior and forgive his sin.Thankful he said,"yes".

He survived the surgery and we got to sing and read the Bible for several years with him before his death.

So thankful that we waited and prayed for our dad to say "yes" to Jesus as Savior!

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