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Today's reading: Esther 9:1-10

Esther 9:1-10 is a difficult passage because of the violence and death that takes place. So when I read this account, I always start by making sure I'm keeping in mind that this is a historical account from long ago that took place in a different country and culture and in a time that is quite different from today.

God's provision and the way in which He protected the Jews stood out prominently to me today. As I look back over my own life and think about many accounts in the Bible, often the way God moves and answers our prayers is so much different than what our limited human minds envision. The Jews had asked God to help and protect them, and He absolutely did--in His BIG and unique way. Rather than God simply safeguarding the Jews as the designated day of Haman's edict played out, He provided complete and ongoing protection through the edict from Mordecai, which gave the Jews a protective status and allowed them to go on the offensive against those who hated them and planned to do them harm. Verse 1 states: "...on the very day when the enemies of the Jews hoped to gain the mastery over them, the reverse occurred: the Jews gained mastery over those who hated them."

What's your experience with God making BIG provision for you and your family? How does knowing that God's ways are different--bigger, more creative, beyond our human thinking--impact your prayers going forward? Tami

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Yes, I agree with you, Tami it is indeed difficult to read about the violence and death that took place.

Cancer miracles!

" You have colon cancer," said my mom's doctor to her!! For 2 years she suffered massive amount of blood loss being told by the same doctor that she was suffering from hemorrhoids.
After my mom's surgery,she never had chemo or radiation treatment. Every year we had a celebration of "Praise the Lord" as she was declared cancer-free!! My mom passed away recently at 90 years of age and after each yearly check-ups (colonoscopy) was declared clean! PTL!!

Before this BIG provision from God.Our nephew who was diagnosed with infant leukemia. After 5 or 6 years of chemo treatment was finally declared in remission. The doctor did caution my sister( my nephew's mom) don't expect to have any grandchildren. He has 3 daughters making my sister a grandmother three times over!! The nephew is in his 40's I would say that he is not only in complete remission,but cured of cancer!!! PTL!!

I could go on with other experiences too.
Yes, this encourages me to pray and I always say, "Lord please heal so and so,but I ask that thy will be done!" I know that I can trust the Lord completely with His answer to my prayers.

Looking forward to reading others God's BIG provision moments too!

Everyday God provides for me with many blessings that I so often take for granted!! Thank You,Lord for each breath You give me!

Six years ago my wife went in for tests for breast cancer . The tests were taken and we were waiting for a call. We received the call late one afternoon. The tests were positive ,and the cancer was operable . We were sitting in the living room just contemplating the phone call my wife received ,when the door bell rang and one of sons friends came in. He said I was walking home from work and God said, I needed to stop at your house to pray for your wife, as she had something going on with her health. He prayed and went home. What a blessing from God to know he is with us at all times, and also brings many people into our lives ,when we need them . My wife went thru treatment and at six [plus] years cancer free. Praise God!!

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