Weak Leading

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Today's reading: Esther 3:7-15

Haman's vengeful scheming against the Jews takes on structure and form as we move further into Esther 3. But it wasn't Haman's evil plan of annihilation that drew my attention today--it was King Ahasuerus and his poor example as a leader. The information Haman tells the king about the Jews is a lie. His suggestion to wipe out an entire race of people is absolutely horrific and evil. Yet, Ahasuerus doesn't ask even one searching follow-up question, nor do we see any objections from the king about taking such drastic, deadly action. Instead, Ahasuerus blindly accepts Haman's representation and then issues an edict approving the slaughter of every Jew residing in the kingdom.

Ahasuerus was not a good or responsible leader in this situation. His actions highlight a lack of care for those under his rule, that he wasn't fully engaged in his role as king, and that discernment was not an area of strength for him. This account certainly provides a valuable lesson on leadership, but from a "how not to lead" perspective.

What did you learn or notice about making decisions and leading from Ahasuerus? What does this account reveal about the importance of being cautious in choosing advisors, counselors and friends? Tami

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Tami, you have described King Ahasuerus perfectly!!

I thought, Matthew Henry description is suited well of King Ahasuerus to a T! "Miserable is the kingdom that is at the disposal of such a head as this, which has one ear only, and a nose to be led by, but neither eyes nor brains, nor scarcely a tongue of its own."

We need to vetted our leaders and those whom he or she chooses to work along side them. Paul gives good instructions on how to choose advisors, counselors and friends.

Our government and churches need to be more careful to vetted workers.

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