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Today's reading: Esther 1:1-22

For the next couple of weeks we'll be in the Book of Esther, which records the fascinating, real-life account of a young Jewish girl whose actions literally save the Jewish people from annihilation. We're going to read through and consider what we can learn from this Book, looking not only at Esther, but also at some of the other individuals who were key players in this story.

The first chapter of Esther gives us quite a bit of information, but none of it is about Esther. We don't actually get to meet her until chapter 2. Chapter 1 is mostly about King Ahasuerus (or Xerxes, depending on what version of the Bible you're reading) and Queen Vashti, the reigning officials of the Persian Empire where this account takes place. Chapter 1 is important because it sets the background and gives us context for the rest of this amazing story.

Day 1 assignment: Read Esther 1:1-22 looking for details--where the account takes place, the political situation, who is in control, identifying key people, determining what is taking place at this specific time, etc. Make a list or highlight things in your Bible as needed. As you read, pay close attention to King Ahasuerus and what this chapter shows us about the king. What lesson(s) did these verses reveal about money, wealth and/or pride? Tami

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Place:In Susa, the citadel
Political situation: King Ahasuerus (or Xerxe) was not a dictator as we see he has others making decisions for him.
Who is in control? The king seems to rely on his eunuchs and his princes to help in his decision making.
Key people in this first chapter are King Ahasuerus,Queen Vashti,his 7 eunuchs,his 7 princes.

Money,wealth and pride are not necessary to make one a good leader.king or ruler.

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