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Today's reading: Titus 1:1-4

Paul was definitely a writer. I say that because of the way he composed his letters. Instead of simply starting his letters with "Dear Titus" (like I would) and then turning to the issue at hand, Paul typically opened his letters with some sort of informative, detailed introduction. And that's exactly what we see here in Titus. Before Paul gets into this letter to his co-worker, he wraps in quite a bit of beneficial and useful information about God. Before we ever get to the "meat" of Paul's letter, he already has us thinking about God.

What did you notice or what stood out to you about God from Paul's opening words to Titus? What encouragement did you draw from the message conveyed in these few verses? Tami

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God is gracious and gave us knowledge of the truth that leads to godliness.
This faith and knowledge rest on the hope of eternal life which God promised before the beginning of time.
We serve a great and mighty God and I am thankful that He chose me before the beginning of time but He chooses everybody that will accept Him. I never understood why so many of God’s children don’t take the time to read God’s Holy Word and this is one truth I wanted to share that I have learned by reading the Word-that it is spiritually impossible for a Christian to read God’s word and not be affected in a powerful and postive way.

"God never lies." vs.2

I can trust God's Word to be true.

Paul called Titus his true child. I don't know if Paul had any physical children, but in the faith we have real true relationships--children, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers. And how comforting they are! because often our physical relationships fall short of satisfying. But in the Lord we have all true things in common: a common faith, common hopes, aspirations, common ground in what really matters in life. John 1: we are born of the will of God into His family.

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