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Today's reading: Titus 1:5-16

As Paul sends back instructions to Titus about appointing and putting in place church leaders in Crete, two times in the span of just two verses he uses the phrase "above reproach" to describe to Titus the type of person he should be seeking out to hold these positions.

Those two words--above reproach--speak volumes to me as a follower of Christ. Because regardless of whether we're under consideration for a position of church leadership, striving to live according to God's Word and doing what we know is right in all situations (being above reproach) should be our constant goal.

When you read the words "above reproach" what comes to mind? Is it your heart's desire to do what is right in all circumstances? What impact does praying and taking in God's Word have on your daily decisions and lifestyle? Tami

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"Above reproach" means blameless. One's lifestyle is such that he or she could be not accused.
Reading the list of sins that Paul has here in this passage shows me that I am not blameless,but as you have asked us,I would say that my heart's desire to do what is right in all circumstance is a resounding YES!!
Your title helps me a lot my goal my constant goal is to be more like Jesus, blameless,above reproach through reading God's Word that reveals to me where I am not living "above reproach" then when I pray I can ask the Lord for strength to help me overcome these sins and shortcomings in my life.

I Love the book of Titus and when I think about “being blameless” I Think about Dr. Woodrow Kroll- He use to end his Back to the Bible program when he was the Host by saying “Have a good and Godly Day for what lasting value is a good day if it’s not also Godly Day.” I say that to my grandchildren often. I all so remember a series of lesson he taught saying “Win the battle today and tomorrow do the same thing.” I love his teaching and learned a great deal from him and the two things I quoted from him impacted my Christian life greatly.
Living “Above reproach”-being blameless for me is to pray often “Think upon the Lord continually” and win the battle today!

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