No Immunity

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Today's reading: Luke 22:1-6; Matthew 26:1-5; Matthew 26:14-16

Since this coming Sunday is Easter, this week we're going to read the account of Jesus' arrest, crucifixion, burial and resurrection. There is much taking place at this time, so each day as we read, let's be asking God to reveal something of significance or something new that we may not have noticed before.

No one is immune from the powerful pull of sin, and when sin gets its grip on us, we are capable of doing some pretty horrific things. The chief priests, elders and scribes--the highest ranking religious officials, the very men who were supposed to be upholding God's perfect Law--were actively seeking to MURDER Jesus.

They "plotted together in order to arrest Jesus by stealth and kill him" (Matthew 26:5).

"And the chief priests and the scribes were seeking how to put him to death..." (Luke 22:2).

And then there's Judas, one of Jesus' twelve disciples. A man who had only benefitted from the love, kindness and teaching of Jesus. Yet, he was willing to bargain away this innocent man's life for thirty pieces of silver.

In what areas are you most likely to give in to sin? Why is it important to be aware of this? What's one thing you noticed or learned about sin from these passages? Tami

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I am most likely to give in to the sin of talking too much,over eating,selfishness,pride,lazy,lack of discipline and others.
It is important for me to be aware of them and to confess them to the Lord as my sins and to ask His forgiveness and help me to have victory over them.

These men were religious leaders and like Judas who had been in the
presence/company with the Lord had sinned against the Lord.

Adam and Eve were in God's presence regularly and they sinned and their son committed murder.

Another reminder what you said, Tami.

No one is immune from the powerful pull of sin, and when sin gets its grip on us, we are capable of doing some pretty horrific things.

This is a sobering thought!

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