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Today's reading: Proverbs 13:11

Our focus this week is on money, and the Bible certainly has a lot to say about this subject. In Proverbs alone, there are quite a number of verses that touch on wealth and money, and the one that caught my attention today was Proverbs 13:11.

"Wealth gained hastily will dwindle, but whoever gathers little by little will increase it."

For such a short verse, there are a number of lessons when we stop to think through and consider its words and message. A couple of things that came to my mind after reading and contemplating this verse. First, that saving over time requires discipline, and as we practice that discipline, it will eventually become a lifestyle. And second, when I am putting away a portion of my hard earned paycheck, it helps me keep a proper perspective about the value of money and how I spend it.

What does this verse show about the importance of being disciplined to save? Are you intentional about putting money aside, even if it's just a tiny bit at a time? Why does it mean more to us when the money we have has been saved over time? Tami

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This verse shows how we should handle our finances.

If we are quick to spend like there is no tomorrow,then we will not have any tomorrow.

Yes, we have been doing this too, holding back a small portion which has had great relief for us when there is an emergency need.

The only reason that we are able to save any money is that we are intentional in being wise buyers always looking for bargains on items we need.

I think the money we save over time becomes a part of our plan, which makes it more meaningful and we are more careful with it.

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